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Gluten Awareness Bracelet
Stephanie Johnson
Love it!

My son was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, so I bought the Gluten Awareness Bracelet for my son to wear anytime he's not in my care and in my watchful eye of what he's eating. He loves wearing the armband, and his teachers at school and church have appreciated the visual reminder about his dietary needs.


Im from Mexico and my little child have an food allergie (egg), and she din't know that I buy this lunch bag. I love it! Its so cute and perfect for my little girl. Thanks.

Everything you need, one spot. Thank you for offering this product, it’s perfect!

Wish it said Tree Nut

I like the charms but it really should say TREE NUT. People without allergies will not know the difference between peanut and tree nut with this charm. People have made this comment for a few years. Why have you not changed it?


Great customer service, great "tote" for diabetic supplies. Love, love, love!

Game changer!

This is perfect for the auvi q! I love the Velcro belt loop on the back. Love the clip on top.
I didn’t realize that this bag comes with a two teaspoon medicine bottle! I had been hoping to order one but they were not in stock. I was very happy to see a bottle inside the pack, perfectly fitting inside an elastic band in the center of the pack.
I love that we and other caretakers will not have to take the time to measure out Benadryl for my child if he has an allergic reaction. And we don’t have to carry around the big Benadryl bottle!
Thank you for making our lives a little simpler and our son safer. His medicine is now clearly marked and easy to access if needed.

Fits babies too!

Purchased 2, 1 for my 16 month old and 1 for my 5 year old. Both wear it without pulling it off, doesn’t seem to bother them. Fits snugly and is adjustable! Very happy with these :)

Thank You

Thank you for providing this, it supports in one less worry that I have as we navigate life with food allergies with our little one.

Great case for Auvi-q EpiPens

The case is Great for my daughters Auvi-q EpiPens. I love that it's a bright color that can easily be found in her diaper bag. Features like the instruction card, thermometer and the carabiner are great additions!
The con that I found was that the little name and allergy cards provided are glossy. The ink from your pen smears all over. Instead, I printed my daughters name and allergies, then used packing tape to "laminate" it. I also wish this case had the option for wording to be added on the front. I want mine to say "EPIPEN INSIDE" and my daughters name clearly on it. I am looking into using some fabric paint and stencils right now, as I think iron on transfers would possibly melt/damage the case fabric.

Final verdict: Great case for the intended purpose!

2 Vials, ~Week of Pills + Info

(Addison’s Disease/primary adrenal insufficiency) I’m glad I bought this. There’s just enough space for my two emergency hydrocortisone vials and a syringe, pills for about 7-10 days, a few supplements, and my medical information. It securely straps or clips onto your belt of bag.

Long Lasting Ice Pack
Bernadette Erxleben

I purchased two of these ice packs to use in a PracMedic Bag, used mainly for epipens. I use eye drops that need to be refrigerated. I just returned from traveling cross country - 11 hrs total travel time. When I got home, one of the ice packs was still partially frozen; the other was thawed but still nice and cold. These ice packs did the job and I'm extremely happy. Would definitely recommend.

Love ❤️

Absolutely love these they fit my skinny 4yr old perfectly.

Great size

This is perfect size two epi pens and adose of benedryl! It fits perfectly in diaper bag 🙌


I got this when my daughter was 4 she is now 9 and still wears and loves it! I recommend everyone to your site as soon as I hear any allergy or medical info that should be shared for a child! They are soo funky and fun the kids all love them!

Really like this bag

I really like this bag. It has enough space to organize my daily meds, emergency meds, and as needed meds so if I leave overnight or longer my meds are easier to take with me. It's really convenient so I'll probably even use it to keep my meds organized at home. I also really like the design of the bag. It's a nice design for kids or adults and it is pretty big without being too bulky. I also like that there is the detachable bag inside. If you're often switching emergency meds between purses/backpacks, that will probably make it easier.

"Poppy" Red Insulated Case
Christine Seager
Not practical for purse but great to leave with a caregiver

Not practical to carry around in a purse, I’m still on the search for a slim thermal case that fits easily in a purse. This case is great to give to a babysitter as it’s very informational but very bulky.


This case is much better than a case from a different company we previously ordered. I like the small size and the ability to insulate without having to soak anything in water.

Nothing like it!

What a clever idea. I have never seen anything like this. I can keep everything in one place and like that it's clearly marked as to what the contents are.

So happy with this purchase

Extremely happy with the quality of the case and how quickly it arrived. We carry epipens for my son and the bright red color stands out great! There are information cards for emergency contact information and I love the temperature gauge in the case. Very happy!

Good Concept-rushed assembly

I love the concept. Unfortunately the inside of mine was fraying (around the info card holder) and there were stitches missing. I didn't bother trying to return because it's not something we will be opening often (hopefully) and the outside is fine. I purchased red so it would be easy to spot in an emergency.

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your honest and candid review. We're very sorry to hear about your case, and can assure you this is not a common issue. While we strive for excellence 100% of the time, we do realize that nobody is perfect...not even us! :-) As such, we always have a 1 year guarantee on our products to protect against 'things that happen' with either you or us!

I've placed a new order for you, so you should receive it in a few days. As to the case with the issues on the inside, perhaps you can just keep that packed away as a backup. We don't ask for the return. It's yours to do with as you please.

Again we thank you for your input, and apologize for your inconvenience. If you have any other issues at all, please feel free to let us know! We can always be reached at! :-)

Mary, Happiness Helper
Team AllerMates

Very spacious. Well worth the price.

Great, but leaks!

Love the case, but the new liquid medicine holders leak EVERYWHERE. My case and purses are ruined. I have 3 cases for different purses/locations and they are all ruined. I loved the idea of the new liquid medicine holders, but I will have to go back to using the old version. I hope they fix the lids on the new version as they are much easier to clean and fill with medications.


Love the case, but the new liquid medicine holders inside leak EVERYWHERE. My case and purses are ruined. I have 3 cases for different purses/locations and they are all ruined. I loved the idea of the new liquid medicine holders, but I will have to go back to using the old version. I hope they fix the lids on the new version as they are much easier to clean and fill with medications.

Autism Charm
Susan Lombino

Perfect addition to his allergy bracelet