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Genius idea

We looked for something to give us peace of mind when our daughter was in daycare and wow- this bracelet and charms was better then what we expected to find. Very nice quality and so cute! Thank you

Terrific Teal!

We love this case. It's happy looking and had everything we need to in case of an emergency! Great job

Best quality!

You can tell this product was created by a parent and it's personal for them. The details are so perfect. The ID and info cards, the strap, the bottle for Benadryl!! Peace of mind+

Love it and Love great customer service too!

Love the size, fit and look! As my son is now playing sports, we've attached it to his sport bag and gives me peace of mind knowing coaches will have quick access if ever needed. Also, first package was stolen and after reaching out customer service it was replaced and quickly resend. Thank you, very happy with purchase

No Leaks with Oil!

These bottles are amazing! My son has to take oils as a part of his diet. Typically it is difficult to find a bottle that will hold the oil without making a mess. These are perfect! No leaks and the perfect size to fit in his lunch box or his medicine bag. Love them!

Can't wait to use

Purchased the medium ice pack to use in Disney World in October 2022. Customer service was wonderful with answering my questions and I can't wait to use the ice pack for lighter travel at the parks.

Shellfish allergy


"Jake" Insulated Case
Katheryn Juve
Great case

Wonderful case and great customer service. Customer service quickly resolved a small issue we had and immediately sent out a new case. Case is the perfect size for two Auvi-qs and either liquid or tablet benadryl. Fits nicely in my hip pack (i was a little worried it would be too wide but it's fine). I purchased two one for my sons preschool and one for me to carry for him. I like how it has the velcro strap so either his teacher or father can easily put on their belt to carry it with them.

Autism Bracelet
Carlotta Conklin
Excellent Product

I used these for my son who is in school full time and it gives me a peace of mind for him and as well as staff members who don’t regularly work with my child. It lets those individuals know that he has Autism and provide an explanation when my son can’t. I love these as I had to buy more to be sure we have one on hand daily. Only thing I wish is that your company made them in pink for girls. Have a younger child and it’s a girl and she will need one but she doesn’t like blue(go figure)with her other then that it’s a good product.

Great product

My son and myself really love the bracelet!

"Jake" Insulated Case
Alice Anderson
Love it!

Small enough that it’s convenient to carry but just big enough to fit everything we need. Love that it has a temperature gauge and medicine bottle!

Perfect size.

I was looking for a smaller case to carry my son's Auvi-Q in. I had been using a regular epi-pen case and it really didn't fit what we need. This case is the perfect size to fit in my small crossbody bag. I love that it came with the information card and the small bottle for liquid medicine. Bonus is the temperature strip. How awesome! Knowing that we have all the things in one place gives me piece of mind! Allermates is a great company for all allergy of us families.

Love these charms

These cute charms really removes the stigma food allergies can sometimes come with. My kiddo loves her bracelet and these fun charms.

Repeat customer!

Hey we bought one of these cases and were so pleased with the quality, we came back for more!

Small and does the job

This is exactly what we were looking for when we searched for a case for our Auvis. It's actually better than what we were looking for.. easier on the eye and love the mini bottle they include. wow!

SO far so good!

So many thoughtful details here. The quality is really good. I got this for my husband actually cause he tends to be a bit scattered with his epis. Now I'm thinking maybe I need one too. lol

"Rory" Red Insulated Case
Elizabeth Winter
Just what we’ve been waiting for

We’ve been looking for an insulated case made specifically for Auvi-Qs for several years, and this is it! Compact, insulated, and includes labels and even a temperature strip. Well-designed and high-quality. Convenient to carry. Thank you for making this great case to keep our AuviQs and allergic kids safe!

Buying another one

This has worked out really well for us. Until now, my 14 year old has been carrying his meds in a ziplock bag. This is much more identifiable as emergency meds without calling too much attention to it- important to me because he is own frequently now and him because he is teen. It seems sturdy.

Only Epi-Pen case we'll buy!

I love these cases. My middle child was diagnosed with a fire ant allergy a couple years ago and after a lot of searching we came across these on Amazon. Now we have two allergic kids with two separate cases, and the strap makes it easy to strap them together and attach it to the stroller or a backpack. They also have spots to write all the children's information as well as a small medicine container we use for Benadryl. I liked the old medicine container better because it had a little dispensing tip, but it's still really handy to have a dose measured out and ready at all times!


We love these! We have had them for years they are SO easy to clean we either wash in the sink or throw the bracelet in with the laundry!

Ice pack

Perfect size for case! Love it!

Insulated case

We were absolutely blown away by this! It has spaces for your Auvi Q’s, space for ice and came with a little medicine container! It has a temperature reader and it has a card for you to write down your medical information and even emergency contacts! So amazing! It’s also adjustable! This went above and beyond my expectations!! We love it!! Thank you!

Love our AllerMates bracelet!

Our 5yr old loves her bracelet and so do we! We joke that she is allergic to life because she has such a list of food and environmental allergies. This bracelet being basically customizable makes it easy access to the major allergies and alert to her epipen and inhaler. She's able to point out right on her wrist what she's worried about/reacting to or what she needs. It makes the draw back of having inconvenient allergies a little more bearable by having aomething stylish.

Extremely happy

Great product. Perfect size. Fits everything I need.

It's the perfect case for carrying my sons Auvi-Q injectors and Benadryl all in one place.