AllerMates New Multi-Allergy Bracelet (Bracelet Only)

AllerMates New Multi-Allergy Bracelet (Bracelet Only)

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  1. Designed with three, adjustable snaps, AllerMates allergy bracelets will fit the wrist size of most kids ages 3+.
  2. Measures 7" in length.
  3. Made to fit up to six different AllerMates medical alert charms, each measuring 7/8" high and 1.2" wide.
  4. These allergy bracelets are 100% latex free.
  5. AllerMates allergy bracelets meet and exceed U.S. and European safety standards for children's products.

Does your child have multiple food allergies or health concerns? Alert caretakers of his or her's special needs with just one bracelet!  Adorn this bright, fun bracelet with various medical alert charms depending on your child's health concerns or food allergies. Charms can be added, rearranged or removed so change the bracelet as his or her needs change!  

To insert charm/s, position the charm horizontally while pulling on the soft silicone bracelet. Enter the charm rivet into the keyhole.  Once inserted, turn the charm so that it is in it's vertical position.  The key hole feature will keep the charm secure.

Customer Reviews

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nice quality

Bought this bracelet and the orange Peanut Allergy one for my 11 month old to wear. Fits him just fine and stays on wonderfully. He only has the peanut allergy, so I bought the corresponding "charm" for him. I recommend!

Perfect for my soon to be kindergartner

My daughter is preparing for kindergarten and we needed something to help me feel comfortable with sending her to school. This bracelet is perfect. It allows us to easily inform others of her various allergies, as well as what kind of epinephrine she carries.

The best part of it all is that my daughter loves it. She enjoys wearing it and showing her friends and teachers. It has allowed her to have conversations with others explaining her allergies. I feel so much more ready for her to go to school.


The bracelet was way too small for my 7 yr. old. I think the bracelet should be made in different sizes.

Hi Rebecca, We sincerely thank you for your honest and candid review. All information we receive allows us the opportunity to improve our products and assist the most children possible. We are sorry that your bracelet did not fit your child. We purposely have make our bracelets adjustable to accommodate as many kids as possible, and make every effort to be transparent as to the sizes, so that parents can measure their child's individual size and ensure a proper fit. That said, we understand there is no such thing as a 100% solution to every issue. As stated with our warranty, we are offering you a complete refund upon return of the items. Again, we thank you for your input, and hope that if you have any further issues, you feel free to reach out to us again at We're always here to help! Best, Mary Team AllerMates
Perfect fit

This braclet is something I would recommend for any parent. Who had a child allergic to anything that l! Also it fits his wrist so cute thank gosh so much

allergy charm bracelet

We just received our bracelet for my granddaughter. The charm when attached seem to cut into her arm, so she ends up playing with it, until it falls off. She is autistic. If we loosen it , so it doesnt cut into her wrist, then it falls off on it own. Not sure how we are going to be able to fix it so she can wear it and not lose it. But it is made very well and strong.

Hi Linda, Thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful review. Your input is invaluable to us as we are always looking for ways we can improve our line. I'm sorry that the sizing is off. We made our bracelets with multiple snaps to try to accommodate as many sizes as possible, but do understand that with tiny wrists, even a little can make a big difference!

Is your child allergic to bees or wasps? Sending kids with allergies off to school

Is your child allergic to bees or wasps? Sending kids with allergies off to school

Is your child allergic to bees or wasps? Sending kids with allergies off to school

Is your child allergic to bees or wasps? Sending kids with allergies off to school