We've got the low down on kids health from allergies to asthma to diabetes and more. So go ahead and get clickin' on the AllerMates selfies, watch our videos and download our booklets!


Whether you are a kid with allergies or just here to learn about them... our books offer an engaging way to learn about kids health.


Our lovable spokesnut, P. Nutty wrote a book about allergies called An AllerMates Guide to Allergies (Ok, so maybe he got a little bit of help)!
Its 32 colorful, illustrated pages take kids on a journey through AllerTown, where P. Nutty and the AllerMates gang teach them all about allergies from understanding the immune system to allergic emergencies.
Go ahead and check out a few pages in the book and see what's in store for you. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert on allergies, just like P. Nutty is!